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Hi BizTalk Fans,

IMPORTANT: We are preparing a relaunch. Apologies for broken links and alike. This might take some weeks. (5/2012)

BizTalk Hotrod has undergone some changes. Some of them are apparent - we have a new editor, and some will happen over time. The good news - the new issue is out.

This last published issue has articles about asynchronous communication with BizTalk Orchestrations through the WCF Duplex pattern, invoking SAP RFCs from BizTalk Server 2010 using the BizTalk Adapter Pack, and about Tellago Studio's SO-Aware SOA governance product.

I want to thank all the contributors for submitting their articles. If you have any suggestions for improvements or want to write in a future issue don't hesitate to contact me. I also want to thank Rajinder Singh, the previous editor of BizTalk Hotrod, for the great work he did in the past.

We are currently accepting content submissions for the next issue. Please contact us as soon as possible about this. The submission deadline for the finished article is February 28, 2011, but please do not submit without talking to us first.

Andreas Erben


Here is a link to the current issue:

Issue 11 Q4 2010